Top Boating Apps for 2017

Top Boating Apps for 2017

Top Boating Apps
In today’s day and age, smartphones have become the prominent choice for many, and who can blame them? It is nice to have everything you can think of or almost everything you can think of, at your fingertips. The best part of smartphones is the sheer amount of applications available. Some charge a nominal fee to use their app, while others are free to use. While a smartphone should never act as a replacement for a VHF radio or your other high-tech boating equipment, there is nothing wrong with using your smartphone to supplement what you already own.

There are many great boating apps available for you to download and install on your smartphone. If you are looking to make use of your personal technology, check out some of the top boating apps for 2017.

1. Knots 3D by Nynix

You never know when you may need assistance with using the correct knot, or when you need a refresher on how to make a double half hitch knot. It’s okay. You are human after all. For those moments when you need a reminder or are looking to expand your knowledge base (Knots 3D features more than 100 knots!) turn to Knots 3D for Android and IOS.

2. iNavX – Sailing, Boating and Marine Navigation by NavX Studios, LLC

Available for IOS, this charting and GPS navigation application is not free, but for a nominal fee you can have access to navigation, GPS, and charting in the palm of your hand. iNavX has the ability to communicate with marine navigation software, so if you are looking for a full featured application for charting and tracking your position, give iNavX a try.

3. NOAA SuperRes Radar US – HD Weather Radar and Forecasts by Shuksan Software, LLC

You should always keep an eye on the sky when you go out boating. Weather can change quickly, so if you want to enjoy your day and stay safe, you must watch the weather. Use NOAA SuperRes Radar HD to keep an eye on weather patterns if you have an IOS device. If you use Android, RadarScope is your best choice, as it accesses the same data as NOAA SuperRes Radar.

4. SAS Survival Guide by

This application will serve you well beyond your time out on the open sea, as it contains over 400 pages of advice and tips to help you survive any situation. If you ever happen to be stranded at sea, this application can help you identify food and clean water, as well as give you first aid tips. You can also download the videos, so they can be accessed offline so you can have invaluable safety advice at your disposal.

5. Boater’s Pocket Reference by Double Dog Studios

If you want to have hundreds of pages worth of boating information at your fingertips, you must check out the Boater’s Pocket Reference application. It doesn’t matter your level of experience. Every boater can benefit from using this app. Boater’s Pocket Reference covers everything from the mechanical and electrical parts of the boat, to boat trailering tips, weather tips, boating terminology, and so much more!

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