The Only Way to See Long Island: The Best Places to Travel on Your Boat

The Only Way to See Long Island: The Best Places to Travel on Your Boat

Exploring Long Island

Image Courtesy of Dana Seims

Let's be honest. There is no better place in the world to enjoy life on a boat than our very own backyard. Whether it's fishing, hanging out with your buds, or just taking in a day letting the waves relax every muscle, the waterways, canals, and outlets of Long Island simply can't be beaten.

Love exploring Long Island? If so, below are a few options you may (or may not) have heard of for your next expedition.

Captree State Park

The first and possibly most recognizable point on this list. Just a quick hop off the Meadowbrook Parkway. Captree offers a number of reprieves for you average boater. From out on the water, you'll get the best view of the famous Fire Island money can buy. The State Boat Channel is also readily available from the Captree Boat Launch, provided your boat is 14' or under. So whether you're bringing out your outboard, or only looking to have some fun out on a kayak, Captree is welcoming to all boaters.

Point Lookout

Located off the Long Beach Barrier Island, Point Lookout is one of those picturesque little towns with an amazing marina. From their boat launches you can easily access the historic Reynold's Channel and from there is nothing but open ocean. The Atlantic ocean that is. Mostly a prime fishing spot for the locals. Taking a boat out at dusk will lead you to some of the most beautiful sights Long Island has to offer. There is a non-resident fee if you wish to launch from their marina so keep that in mind when deciding your trip.

Montauk Marina

Montauk, "The End" to the locals is literally the final tip of Long Island. Home of some of the greatest sport fishing areas your ever likely to see. Listed as "The Sport Fishing Capital". If you're into Bass fishing, there is literally no better place to land yourself that Striped Bass of your dreams. Launch your boat out of any of the outlet lakes around. Be sure to take a special trip past the Montauk Point Lighthouse while you're at it!


This one is a down home favorite. Home of the famous Woodcleft Canal and Nautical Mile. From here you have access to local boating and fishing tours of the waterways. Launch your boat from the canal and just watch as the majesty that is New York's waterways unfold around you. If you're into the history of boating as much as the hobby itself, then it is an absolute must to check out the Maritime Museum when you get the chance. With bars, boats, and great food, Freeport's Nautical Mile offers an experience both on and off the water that is second to none.

New York Marine Trades Association