The Nautical Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Nautical Inspired Gift Ideas

The Nautical Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Nautical Inspired Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so take this time to show off your love and appreciation. Does your mother happen to be an avid boater or have a strong nautical spirit? If so, this Mother’s Day, get her something that shows off her love for the sea and everything nautical.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Boaters

Check out our Mother's Day gift ideas for boaters for some gift giving inspiration!


1. Dream of sailing? If that’s the mother you know, treat her to some sailing lessons so she can live out her dream!
2. If she is into adrenaline sports, wakeboarding or water skiing lessons make a great gift.
3. Does she like to read, or stay up to date on boating news and the newest trends? If so, get the mother in your life a yearly magazine subscription!
4. Take her out fishing on your own boat, or on a fishing charter and create fun, lasting memories that you will cherish forever.
5. Buy her a new fishing pole. Hey, she needs something to use during your fishing excursion together!
6. Book a Mother’s Day boat cruise on your local charter boat.
7. If she likes to be punctual, consider purchasing a waterproof watch. This way she always knows the time, even when she’s in the water!
8. Don’t own a boat, but live on or near the water? An inflatable kayak makes for an amazing gift that’s not too steep on the wallet.
9. If you are brave and know her size(s), gifting her some nautical-inspired fashion items is always a hit. Even boat shoes are an excellent choice to consider!
10. Nautical-themed décor is a great way to add some maritime flavor into the home.
11. Does she wear jewelry? Nautical inspired rings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces will make a great gift.
12. Keep mom safe with a new lifejacket.
13. Love music? Having a nice pair of water resistant speakers will certainly brighten her day.
14. Let mom pack up her needed accessories with a practical and stylish tote, clutch or bag! Bonus points if it’s nautical-themed of course!
15. Help her protect her smartphone by gifting a waterproof phone case this Mother’s Day.
16. Rent a boat for a few hours, or for the day, and have your own private boat cruise.
17. Own a boat? Plan on having brunch or dinner dockside or on the boat!
18. Being out on the water can get cold sometimes. Hats, jackets, and gloves are always a good thing to have. Bonus point’s if you get her name embroidered on it!
19. Does your mom love to drink coffee or tea? If your boat has a burner available onboard, a collapsible tea kettle and/or a non-skid mug make thoughtful gifts.
20. Protect mom from the sun with an over-sized sun hat.
21. If you can afford it, plan a cruise getaway for a trip of a lifetime.
22. A nautical-themed gift basket is a thoughtful way to gift some of those necessary items that are needed when you are out on the water. Think sunscreen, sunglasses, body spray, hair ties, nautical themed knickknacks, etc. Get creative!

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