Protect Your Investment with These Helpful Boat Cleaning Tips

Protect Your Investment with These Helpful Boat Cleaning Tips

With winter on the way, you may want to give your boat a deep clean before you start the winterization process. Owning a boat is not only a joy, it is also an investment. Keeping up on maintenance and regular cleaning can go a long way to add and protect the value of your boat. While many may groan at the prospect of backbreaking labor, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Boat Cleaning Tips
To help you effectively clean your boat, check out these helpful boat cleaning tips and tricks to help you keep your vessel looking good, without burning too much elbow grease.

A Little Now Helps a Lot Later

It may sound like something that comes from your grandmother, but a little preventive effort now can help things from building up and getting worse. The key is to use brains over brawn. Try to develop habits and rituals that enforce a clean well-maintained boat.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

Before you begin any deep cleaning project make sure you have the proper tools and supplies that match the type of boat you have. Choose brushes and scrub pads that won’t damage the finish, but are still hardy enough to get the job done.

Chemical Discretion

Nowadays, cleaning your boat does not have to be associated with toxic smells and possible chemical burns and/or contamination. Fortunately, many eco-friendly boat cleaning soaps and solvents have become more affordable and mainstream.

Pay Attention to Traffic Patterns

It doesn't matter if you are doing a deep clean or just a daily dusting, always pay more attention to the place where everyone seems to go. This includes the most abused place on a boat, the carpet. Infused with dirt, water, and slime, the carpet can be a breeding ground for all kinds of issues. Staying on top of the carpet can be easier said than done, but a good power sprayer and a soft deck brush can lift almost anything.

Try it On Land

When it’s time to get good and soapy with your boat, it’s a good idea to do it on the shore. It not only enables you to do a more thorough clean, but it also allows for proper cleanup and the disposal of any chemicals you may have used.

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