About Us

Objectives and Purpose

To promote the general welfare of the marine industry and to advance boating safety, proper use of boats, marine accessories, and facilities through any and all means consistent with the public interest and welfare, without deriving benefit for itself or any member.

To provide a forum for the exchanges of experience and viewpoints through discussion, study, and publication of all aspects and functions of the marine trade industry.

To seek new legislations and modify existing legislation which serves the best interest of the boating community and the marine trades industry.


To engage in any and all activities designed to broaden the public awareness of the importance, and the function of the marine trades industry and its operation.

To undertake such other functions consistent with these laws and the existing body of law, which will advance the efficiency, success, and well-being of the marine trades industry.

To cooperate with other industries and organizations for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

New York Marine Trades Association